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Reduce Your IPv4 Risk. Buy /21, /22, /23, and /24 Online

One of the outcomes of the IPv4 runout is that service providers are now charging for IPv4 addresses, where they previously did not. As a result, small businesses are exposed to the possibility that they will pay for IPv4 use at escalating prices going forward. More and more small businesses are coming to IPv4 Market...
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IPv4 Addresses: Bridging for the Future

Building for the future is always important regardless of the medium of technology. Whether it’s a bridge for the Olympics, purchase of IPv4 to accommodate growth, or IPv6 for internet traffic, preparation is key. Three Mountains Bridge, or San Shan Bridge, designed by Penda, is a feat of beauty, engineering, and function. This bridge has...
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IPv4 Price Expectations – Why Prices May Rise or Fall

Exponential IPv6 adoption may create a lower price point for IPv4 block transfers, but when will IPv6 reach a reliable critical mass infrastructure? IT infrastructure is like the infrastructure of a bridge. Bridges are beautiful. People travel thousands of miles to see them. What is fascinating is that bridges marry art and mathematics. That very...
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