Read IPv4 Market Group Testimonials

From May 28, 2015

“Sandra, I can confirm that the transfer is complete and the payment has been performed. Thank you very much for your services.

As usual, we are very pleased with your services and it has been great to work with you again. IPv4 Market Group assisted me in the sale of our /16. We were under tight time constraints and we worked together to achieve a successful transfer to an ARIN based buyer on schedule.

I found IPv4 Market Group thorough, open and knowledgeable, and more importantly very prompt in managing the whole process to culminate the deal to my satisfaction.  No doubt that IPv4 Market Group will give the best guidance to a seller even when it isn’t in their own financial interest.”

– Anonymous Seller, Massachusetts, RIPE Buyer


From April 25, 2016

“Sandra and Emma,

Thank you two for all of your help.  The space was transferred completely to us as of this morning.  It was a pleasure working with you two.  The process was easy and painless.  If we ever need more space I will contact you again.”

– Anonymous ARIN Buyer

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