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Meet the Leadership Team of IPv4 Market Group

Sandra Brown, is the President of IPv4 Market Group and is an industry pioneer in IPv4 monetization. She was the Director of IT at Nortel who led the information technology team, which conducted the highly publicized white market sale of IPv4 addresses from Nortel to Microsoft in March of 2011.  She personally found the top bidders, led the marketing efforts, was the interface to the external legal team, led the technical Nortel team, and reviewed the bid process and bid outcomes.  She brings this expertise to IPv4 Market Group.

Prior to specializing in IPv4 Monetization, Sandra had a successful 20 plus year career in IT management.  She knows all aspects of IT, from networks, infrastructure, and operations, to applications.   Sandra has an MBA and combines a great deal of business acumen with technical ability to ensure IPv4 Market Group is a well-rounded, service-oriented, brokerage.