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Why is the price of IPv4 addresses so high?

As anyone purchasing or selling IPv4 addresses knows, the price for IPv4 addresses more than doubled in 2021. Prices went from less than $25 USD per IP to north of $50 USD per IP, for virtually all block sizes.  This increase was unprecedented, as the previous trend in the market went from $5 per IP...
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All About IPv4 Blacklisting

The blacklisting of IP addresses is a common occurrence on today’s internet. Most of us have encountered networking attacks in one form or another, ranging from obnoxious spam emails to crippling malware, phishing or ransomware attacks. Their path to your computer starts from a device on the internet operating behind an IP address.  Who helps...
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Transfers of IPv4 Addresses from /8s Held by One Organization

In 2011, as Nortel's Director of Engineering I started the orchestration of the sale of Nortel's  Over time this undertaking has resulted in the sale of approximately 85% of the /8.  Something that has been discussed in the ensuing six years, is how many other “organization” or “company” owned /8s might ultimately be sold.  IPv4...
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IPv4 Transfer Trends Through 2016

IPv4 transfer trends, regardless of IPv6 implementation, are an indicator of the longevity of the IPv4 market for both buyers and sellers. IPv4 Market Group has studied IPv4 transfer volumes to see if the number of IPs transferred is continuing to grow. Increased IPv4 Transfer Volume There are several factors that might cause IPv4 transfer...
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