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Registered and Approved IPv4 Broker Services

IPv4 Transfers are facilitated between buyers and sellers.  Sellers sign contracts with IPv4 Market Group and are placed in a queue by block size on a first in, first out basis.

When a buyer approaches us with an offer, we take that offer to our first seller holding that block size.  If the seller accepts, we have a deal. If the seller counters on minor points, we take it back to the buyer; otherwise, we take the offer to the next seller in the queue, and continue until no sellers are left.

If we are unable to match on price, court jurisdiction, currency, and other key variables with no seller, then we go back to the buyer, and explain the key differences we have been told, and attempt again to find a match with a renegotiated offer.

Contact IPv4 Market Group for more information on their IPv4 Broker services.

Our transfer process is documented for all regions currently allowing transfers.