Registered and Approved IPv4 Broker Services

Are you looking to lease IPv4 addresses rather than buy or sell?

IPv4 Market Group is a global leader in IPv4 for sale and IPv4 leases. The firm was founded in May of 2011.  Its President is Sandra Brown, the Nortel Director behind the first ever IPV4 transfer, a $7.5 Million sale of 660,000 IPv4 addresses to Microsoft.

IPv4 Market Group provides leases in the ARIN Region:

  • /24 (256 IPv4 addresses)
  • /23 (512 IPv4 addresses)
  • /22 (1024 IPv4 addresses)
  • /21 (2048 IPv4 addresses)


Request to Lease IPv4 Blocks

To register to receive information concerning IPv4 Blocks for lease:
Block Size:

These leases are available on one to five year terms.

Individuals and companies interested in leasing IPv4 addresses are invited to complete the form above. Information will be treated confidentially and will be used only to facilitate discussion. Completion of the form does not commit you to lease with IPv4 Market Group. Alternatively, email Sandra Brown at sandrabrown@ipv4marketgroup.com to make a request to lease IPs.


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