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Why is the price of IPv4 addresses so high?

As anyone purchasing or selling IPv4 addresses knows, the price for IPv4 addresses more than doubled in 2021. Prices went from less than $25 USD per IP to north of $50 USD per IP, for virtually all block sizes.  This increase was unprecedented, as the previous trend in the market went from $5 per IP...
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IPv4 Transfer Volumes

IPv4 Market Group’s analysis on the IPv4 transfer market is that transfers have held steady in 2018 from 2017.  IPv4 transfers were almost equal to what they were in 2017, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1.  IPv4 Transfers by Year Let’s make a few observations.  The total volume of transfers in both years were...
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Large ARIN IPv4 Transfers

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, IPv4 Market Group  discussed Merck’s transfers of IPs to Amazon Web Services with the author, Robert McMillan. This data is readily available in the ARIN transfer registry. Other large transfers outlined in this registry include the following: These large block transfers will continue as ARIN runout occurs.
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I am back from ARIN34 in Baltimore.  The best outcome of ARIN34 was the passing of policy so that the ARIN manual no longer allows for the reclamation of IPv4 addresses, which is a tremendously good thing. The hot debate at ARIN34 was around various forms of policies to lessen the requirements for ARIN IPv4...
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