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Man Cashes In On ARIN Run-out

Published on July 28th, 2015

Buffalo NY, July 15/15

Daniel W. Graham of Edmore MI has won $3,000 in IPv4 Market Group’s “When will ARIN Run Out of IPv4 Addresses” Contest.

The contest was launched in the summer of 2014 at HostingCon 2014 in Miami FL. With HostingCon 2015 upon us right now, the timing could not have been more coincidental.

Contestants had until July 31, 2014 to ‘guess’ when ARIN would run out of free IPv4 Addresses to hand out. ARIN officially ran out of IPv4 addresses on June 30, 2015, in the sense that the ARIN counter went to less than .00 /8’s. Daniel W. Graham had entered the date “June 30, 2015” back on July 14, 2014. When asked how he picked the date, Dan replied

“I simply looked at the usage trend and calculated June 30th 2015 as the date.”

That calculation earned Daniel, an employee at CMS Internet of Mt Pleasant MI, a $3,000 cash prize. Since announcing the run out on July 1, 2015, businesses and organizations looking for IPv4 address blocks have had to seek out IPv4 Address Transfer brokers in the IPv4 Transfer Market to obtain IP Addresses.

IPv4 Market Group, LLC. has pioneered the practice of brokering IPv4 address blocks and they have successfully helped over 135 businesses locate and obtain over 27,000,000 IPv4 addresses in the ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC regions.