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Global IPv4 Transfers Declining

It has been a few months since we have commented on IPv4 transfer trends and we thought it would be interesting to determine, after transfers fell between 2015 and 2016, whether the reduction in transfers continued.  So, we ran the numbers. Noting that the 2017 data is for 9 months, and not a full year,...
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IPv4 Pricing in a Post ARIN Runout World

IPv4 prices were at an all-time low through the first half of 2015, and then, with the ARIN runout upon us, they spiked upwards. Has the bottom of the IPv4 market occurred, and where prices will go from here? Let’s start at the beginning. IPv4 Market Group has facilitated over 150 IPv4 transfers through the...
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ARIN IPv4 Run out

On June 6, 2015, ARIN announced on Twitter that it is very likely that it is working on an IPv4 request it won’t be able to fill.  This means that ARIN IPv4 run out is here. All North American entities will now turn to the IPV4 Transfer Market to fulfill their IPv4 needs.  While IPv4...
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Large ARIN IPv4 Transfers

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, IPv4 Market Group  discussed Merck’s transfers of IPs to Amazon Web Services with the author, Robert McMillan. This data is readily available in the ARIN transfer registry. Other large transfers outlined in this registry include the following: These large block transfers will continue as ARIN runout occurs.
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IPv4 Market Group on IPv6 Addresses

In order to ensure business continuity and growth, companies need to invest in the appropriate, IPv6 compatible networks, services, and products. There are 340 trillion, trillion, trillion unique IPv6 addresses. The conversion will be important to a company’s business model for a significant length of time. Our function is to support IPv4 to IPv6 conversion strategies...
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The IPv4 Address Resale Market

The IPv4 Address Resale Market  IPv4 Market Group, Inter-Op Interview Sandra Brown and Sean Michael Kerner, April 30, 2015 Sandra: We are a broker of IPv4 transfers, and we do transfers globally in ARIN, APNIC, and RIPE regions.  We transfer from sellers, which are companies that have excess IPv4 addresses, to buyers, which are companies...
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Update on IPv4 Depletion from ARIN 35

At Day One of ARIN 35 in San Francisco, Leslie Nobile of ARIN presented an ARIN Update on IPv4 Depletion. ARIN has no /8, /9, /10’s left; They expect to deplete to only /16’s available shortly; ARIN will quickly get to only /24’s available as the current inventory is at .24 /8 equivalent.; ~19 /16...
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