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Large ARIN IPv4 Transfers

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, IPv4 Market Group  discussed Merck’s transfers of IPs to Amazon Web Services with the author, Robert McMillan. This data is readily available in the ARIN transfer registry. Other large transfers outlined in this registry include the following: These large block transfers will continue as ARIN runout occurs.
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The IPv4 Address Resale Market

The IPv4 Address Resale Market  IPv4 Market Group, Inter-Op Interview Sandra Brown and Sean Michael Kerner, April 30, 2015 Sandra: We are a broker of IPv4 transfers, and we do transfers globally in ARIN, APNIC, and RIPE regions.  We transfer from sellers, which are companies that have excess IPv4 addresses, to buyers, which are companies...
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Update on IPv4 Depletion from ARIN 35

At Day One of ARIN 35 in San Francisco, Leslie Nobile of ARIN presented an ARIN Update on IPv4 Depletion. ARIN has no /8, /9, /10’s left; They expect to deplete to only /16’s available shortly; ARIN will quickly get to only /24’s available as the current inventory is at .24 /8 equivalent.; ~19 /16...
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