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Update on IPv4 Depletion from ARIN 35

Published on April 13th, 2015

At Day One of ARIN 35 in San Francisco, Leslie Nobile of ARIN presented an ARIN Update on IPv4 Depletion.

  • ARIN has no /8, /9, /10’s left;
  • They expect to deplete to only /16’s available shortly;
  • ARIN will quickly get to only /24’s available as the current inventory is at .24 /8 equivalent.;
  • ~19 /16 equivalents are on a 60 day hold, in quarantine, representing returned and revoked space;
  • 64 /16’s for NRPM 4.10 are dedicated IPv4 blocks to facilitate IPv6 deployment
  • ~8 /16’s need further research (reclamation / chain of custody)
  • There are 4 choices on how to get IPv4 if you need it
    • Apply for IPv4 and see if ARIN has inventory
    • Apply for IPv4 and go waiting list
    • Do 8.3 transfer
    • Request IPv6
  • If ARIN cannot fulfill your request, then the queue is emptied using first in – first out for requests regardless of block size. For example, if a /16 comes in and a /24 is at the top of the queue, the /24 would be given out of the /16.
  • For 8.3 transfers, the current registrant must have had the IPs for 12 months and cannot get more IPs for 12 months (this is the anti-flip measure); The buyer must demonstrate need based on 24 months use; Once pre-approval is given, it is valid for two years.
  • If a company inadvertently is listed on the public side of the STLS, it can be corrected manually.
  • Slow start does not apply for 8.3 transfers, meaning any of IPv4 size block can be obtained, if justified.

Lots of great information at this presentation!