Registered IPv4 Broker for all your IPv4 Sales Needs

IPv4 Market Group is a broker of IPv4 transfers between companies with excess blocks and companies with need. We facilitate all steps in both the commercial transaction and the IPv4 transfer process.  We possess inventories of over 2 million  IPv4 addresses for transfer in RIPE region and ARIN regions, and over 250,000 IP’s in the APNIC region.


IPv4 Market Group Announces the Availability of a Significant Portfolio of IPv4 Addresses for Purchase in the RIPE Region: IPv4 Market Group, a global leader in IPv4 sales, has just announced the availability of up to 2.6 million top quality IPv4 addresses for purchase in the RIPE region. The firm’s Executive Vice President for Business…
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On January 22, 2015, I had the honour of speaking at the UKNOF30 conference in London. I gave an update on the IPv4 transfer market in RIPE region and in the UK in particular. It was my first UKNOF meeting and I greatly enjoyed the experience. I talked about three key items: a summary of…
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