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Now is a great time to sell IPv4 address blocks because they’re in high demand due to their limited availability and the need for new and expanded networks. IPv4 Market Group manages the process for businesses that want to put their IPv4 address space up for sale. The organizations that oversee the registration of these IP addresses include the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) and Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE, or European IP Networks). Because these internet registries don’t have free IPv4 addresses available, businesses are willing to pay to acquire blocks directly from existing registrants. If you want to sell IPv4 address blocks that are registered to you, we can connect you to buyers worldwide. Depend on us as your trustworthy, knowledgeable and reliable broker to help you in the IPv4 selling process.

Sell Your IP Address Blocks

IPv4 Market Group simplifies the IPv4 sales process. We save your company’s resources by finding buyers, marketing your IPs and creating documentation of the transaction on your behalf. We sell IPv4 addresses to new buyers that are joining the IPv4 market for the first time, and to established buyers that have worked with us many times before.

We take you through each phase of the transfer process, beginning with verification of the chain of IPv4 ownership, blacklist scanning and remediation, as well as sales readiness. You’ll be provided with the necessary contracts, including the Asset Purchase Agreement between the IPv4 buyer and you. As a broker, we act as a liaison for transferring IPv4 registrations from one party to the other. We provide the escrow services, so that the buyer can receive the IPs while the funds are safeguarded and then are ultimately released to the seller. Lastly, we document the sales process with the required invoices, including VAT invoices in Europe. Come to us if you have IP addresses for sale and we’ll assist you in all steps.

Consult with The Professional IPv4 Broker, IPv4 Market Group

Engage us as your IPv4 broker and place your IPv4 blocks for sale in the global marketplace. We’ll find a credible buyer that will adhere to the legal constructs, transfer process and currency that you desire. If you have IPv4 blocks for sale, there is a ready demand to buy most sizes in short order. Buyers are matched with sellers according to market price and block size. Once a contract is signed, the purchase price is placed into escrow and then the IPv4 blocks are transferred. The overall process typically includes the following:

  • Verifying the registrant to ensure the seller has the authorization to sell
  • Scanning the blocks from a technical perspective for removal of blacklisting
  • Signing an asset purchase agreement and possibly a non-disclosure agreement
  • Securing payment from the IPv4 buyer in an escrow account
  • Transferring the IP addresses through the internet registry
  • Releasing funds to the seller
  • Completing final invoices and announcing IPs

Become a Seller with IPv4 Market Group

Get the IPv4 address space you have for sale out in front of credible potential buyers. IPv4 Market Group is a knowledgeable broker that can guide you through the process and get you on your way to monetizing your IPv4 addresses. We’re industry leaders in the area of IPv4 selling and acquisitions, so you can trust us to provide dependable service. Our team is registered and approved with three regional internet registries: with ARIN using the Specified Transfer Listing Service (STLS), with APNIC and with RIPE. With extensive experience in inter-RIR policies, so you can rely on us to facilitate transfers between the registries when needed. We work with buyers in countries around the world, and this optimizes pricing when we sell your IPv4 addresses.

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Companies and individuals interested in selling their IPv4 addresses are invited to complete our contact form. Your information will only be used during your confidential, no-obligation consultation. If you’re interested in monetizing blocks of IPv4 addresses, get in touch with IPv4 Market Group at 716-348-6768 for more information.

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