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Approved IPv4 Address Facilitator for your IPv4 needs

IPv4 Market Group is in the business of making IPv4 transfers happen. If you have excess capacity, we will monetize your resources for you. If you have need for IPv4 resources to maintain business continuity and accommodate growth, we will source you a policy-compliant seller with a clean and transfer-ready block size of your choosing.

With over 550 transactions completed or in progress since our inception in May 2011, we assure both the buyer and seller an expeditious, legally binding, financially secure and error-free transfer process through each Regional Internet Registry (RIR): Réseaux Internet Protocol Européens (RIPE NCC), Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) and American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN).

With IPv4 Market Group:

  • 24/7 dedicated senior principals are assigned to your business
  • IPv4 transactions are our only business
  • 100% transparency on market prices—for both sellers and buyers
  • Policy-compliant approach is guaranteed
  • Manage all facets of the commercial transaction and RIR transfer process
  • Compensated only by the seller, no double-dipping with the buyer
  • All legal agreements are provided including a trilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) and escrow agreement
  • Offer multiple escrow options
  • Accommodate transactions in a variety of currencies, including USD, Euros and GBP
  • Registered broker with the RIPE NCC, APNIC and ARIN
  • Buyer and seller references are available upon request

Broker Due Diligence

Many brokers now exist in the IPv4 transfer market. While price per IP is ultimately the major variable governing the decisions of both buyers and sellers, the following is a checklist that serves to significantly differentiate our business model and has resulted in our position as the premiere global broker of IPv4 transfers.

  1. Is the broker incorporated and able to produce articles of incorporation? Many organizations are little more than an email address and static one-page websites. In business since May 2011, IPv4 Market Group is a New York limited liability company.
  2. Will the broker represent “ONLY” one party in a sales transaction and contractually commit to such a position? We receive compensation only from the seller, but guarantee the buyer a flawless commercial transaction and RIR transfer process with the objective of supporting future requirements. Many brokers will represent both the seller and the buyer. We perceive this to be a clear conflict of interest.
  3. Does the broker invest in expert legal advice? IPv4 transfers have legal requirements including the execution of trilateral NDAs, APAs, escrow agreements, officer attestations and letters of authorization. IPv4 Market Group had its legal counsel develop all legal templates and facilitate document execution between parties.
  4. Does the broker carry appropriate levels of insurance including general commercial liability insurance as well as errors and omissions? For IPv4 Market Group, our extensive coverage fully demonstrates both a willingness to invest in the business and protect the interests of our clients.
  5. Can the broker produce written and verbal references from previous transfers, including both parties on the buyer and seller side of the equation? Though IPv4 Market Group is compensated only by the seller, we seek enduring relationships with each buyer that is founded on trust, professionalism, expertise and responsiveness—ensuring their IPv4 needs are met and approved by the RIR; thus, the seller receives compensation.
  6. Is the broker registered and approved by ARIN, RIPE and APNIC? IPv4 Market Group actively communicates with the RIRs for all three regions and complies with the requirements to be a listed and approved IPv4 broker.
  7. Does the broker attend RIR Conferences on policy development? IPv4 Market Group attends major conferences from all regions and represents the requirements of its customers at these conferences. We are shaping policy within the internet community that affects IPv4 transfers and developing important relationships with potential buyers and sellers to better service the market. We wrote the Inter-RIR Policy in the RIPE region and stay abreast of all RIR policies.
  8. Does the broker employ seasoned business development professionals with global experience in technology sales with average deals in excess of $1,000,000? Is the facilitation of IPv4 transfers the only core offering of the broker rather than a service among many? Does the broker offer to work through legitimate channels to ensure a legal and risk-free transaction? Does the broker offer third party escrow services? Does the broker deal directly with buyers and sellers to match your IPv4 block requirements? At IPv4 Market Group, we can answer “yes” to each of these questions.
  9. Will the broker provide price per IP by block size based on previous transfers they have facilitated in RIPE/APNIC/ARIN? IPv4 Market Group provides market pricing transparency to both sellers (valuation) and buyers (planning/budgeting) without hesitation.
  10. Is the broker transparent by publishing information about its leadership team, policy beliefs, and IPv4 pricing on its web page? If you peruse IPv4 Market Group’s web site and compare to all the other brokers, you will see that IPv4 is as open and transparent as possible.
  11. Does the Broker know what it is doing from a technical perspective? There are best practices regarding checking and testing blocks for blacklisting and blocking, and we employ meticulous and large-scale scans. There are routing techniques to prevent blacklisting during the sales and transfer process. There are effective block splitting techniques that other brokers do not follow. Speak to IPv4 Market Group about these practices and then interrogate other brokers to see why IPv4 Market Group is the most knowledgeable technical broker.