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All About IPv4 Blacklisting

The blacklisting of IP addresses is a common occurrence on today’s internet. Most of us have encountered networking attacks in one form or another, ranging from obnoxious spam emails to crippling malware, phishing or ransomware attacks. Their path to your computer starts from a device on the internet operating behind an IP address.  Who helps...
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What is a good IPv4 block size to sell?

Potential Sellers of IPv4 resources often ask questions such as: What is the most common size of IPv4 block sold?Should I sell a /20 or a /19? Which will sell faster? At IPv4 Market Group, we experience demand for block sizes that mirror the overall market.  John Sweeting, ARIN’s Senior Director for Registration Services, presented...
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The Incredible Size of the IPv4 Transfer Market

In recent blogs on  IPv4 Price Trends and IPv4 Transfer Market Volumes, we have introduced the topic of IPv4 market sizing.  It is clear to us that the number of IPs transferred is driven by large transfers from the holders of /8 blocks.  In this blog, we are going to assess the potential future size...
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IPv4 Transfer Volumes

IPv4 Market Group’s analysis on the IPv4 transfer market is that transfers have held steady in 2018 from 2017.  IPv4 transfers were almost equal to what they were in 2017, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1.  IPv4 Transfers by Year Let’s make a few observations.  The total volume of transfers in both years were...
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IPv4 Price Trends and Insights

Figure 1. IPv4 prices have continued to rise in 2018. As shown in Figure 1, the price increases have been almost linear in nature from 2015 to the present. As of the beginning of March 2019, prices were at a minimum of $20 USD for block sizes of a /16 to a /21. To determine...
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