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IPv4 Addresses: Bridging for the Future

Published on September 14th, 2016

Building for the future is always important regardless of the medium of technology. Whether it’s a bridge for the Olympics, purchase of IPv4 to accommodate growth, or IPv6 for internet traffic, preparation is key.

Three Mountains Bridge, or San Shan Bridge, designed by Penda, is a feat of beauty, engineering, and function. This bridge has been designed for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

"’The formal inspiration for the San Shan Bridge is a conjunction of its undulating surrounding and the meaning of the Olympic symbol,’ explained Penda, which is led by architects Chris Precht and Dayong Sun.” De Zeen

Though the Winter Games are slated for the Capital City of Beijing, most of the competitions will occur in Zhangjiakou -- for which there is no major route.

“The bridge forms a dynamic sculpture to a more mountainous scenery on the way to Zhangjiakou, where all major outdoor competitions at the Beijing Olympics will be taking place.” DesignBoom.com

This structure is necessary in order to provide the needed infrastructure for increased volume of traffic.

Not unlike the explosion of devices per capita or the run out of IPv4 addresses in ARIN, while the bridge to the next technology (IPv6) is being built (and tested for reliability), there are few options. Preparation is necessary well in advance, like the 16 year lead time for the 2022 Games.

If you’re sitting on IPv4 address blocks, know that you have valuable real estate -- that organizations and large institutions need to buy. These addresses can be sold and your static assets can be liquidated. If you need a bridge, consider purchasing IPv4 blocks. Just note, prices could rise or fall -- depending upon the rate of IPv6 adoption.

At present, the IPv4 market is exhibiting a shortness of supply and increasing demand, causing average /16 prices to rise to $9/IP globally.

Whichever preparation you need -- buying or selling -- we at IPv4 Market Group pride ourselves in giving you specific counsel, and, should you choose to buy or sell, making that transfer as efficient and easy for you as possible.

Contact us today to inquire about selling your IPv4 addresses. IPv4 trading is all that IPv4 Market Group does.