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IPv4 Price Trends, presented at World Hosting Days Global 2016

Published on March 29th, 2016

IPv4 Market Group recently attended World Hosting Days Global, which took place on March 15-17, 2016. Sandra Brown, President of IPv4 Market Group, gave a presentation on IPv4 Price Trends.

Discussion began with the IPv4 Life Cycle and touched on the important events which have transpired, and will transpire, leading well into the future when IPv6 will become dominant.

The next topic was Factors which affect Pricing, and covers ARIN transfers, ARIN run-out, RIPE Inter-RIR Transfers, IPv6 Deployment, use of Carrier-grade NAT, and supply-demand of IPv4.

Price Trends over Time and RIPE Transfer Activity details the current state of the market, where it is going, and shows which countries are receiving the highest number of IP transfers.

The presentation ended with her predictions for the future and a short Q&A session.

Watch the full presentation below.