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Prevention of IPv4 Hijacking: APNIC41 Report

A problem IPv4 Market Group has seen as a leading IPv4 broker is the seedier side of the internet, where IPv4 addresses can be hijacked.  One case involved a company buying IPv4 addresses, transferring them from ARIN to APNIC via the inter-RIR transfer process, and then not routing them via BGP right away.  The bad...
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IPv4 Brokerage: A Bridge Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Just after the American Civil War, the United States was transitioning from a primarily water-based means of shipping to train-based. In the heated railroad competition, Thomas A Scott was convinced that crossing the Mississippi River was the key to transcontinental expansion. He tasked this to his mentee Andrew Carnegie, who built it under the Keystone...
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IPv4 Addresses at NANOG

IPv4 address bartering is a relatively new activity at NANOG meetings. I find it interesting to look back at the history of NANOG, to think about the purpose of its meetings, and then to examine the overlay of IPv4 meeting topics and IPv4 trading on that purpose. NANOG’s focus is on the Technologies and Systems...
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